Things to do and see in Kaapsehoop

To fully experience the mountain I would highly recommend being in a saddle. The beauty of your surroundings, fresh mountain air and a fantastic host will all add to an unforgettable break-away in Kaapsehoop.

There are numerous hiking trails within the village of Kaapsehoop. Most start from the middle of the village and are clearly marked out on the rocks with foot-prints.

There is the casual hike to the edge of the escarpment where on a clear day you are able to see Barberton Valley and on a cloudy, misty day you may find yourself in awe of being “in the clouds”. This is also where you will find one of the world’s longest long-drops and most certainly one with a breath-taking view. There is also a slightly more demanding hike to Battery Falls which is well worth the effort. Here you are able to cool off after the hike and watch the waterfall cascade down. For the fun loving and adventures you could always sit under the water-fall for a great memory snap. (A permit is required for this hike).

Of course you are able to just walk amongst the rocks and with a bit of imagination you will see rock formations of a Lions Head, Aladdin’s Lamp, snoopy, A Camel, Turtle and the list goes on and on….. and is only inhibited by ones imagination.

There are many bird species found at Kaapsehoop and many right in the beautiful garden of Lambourn’s which is always filled with blooms and bird-song.

The endangered Blue Swallows migrate yearly to South Africa and many of them come to Kaapsehoop, which has been designated a Natural Heritage Site. These of course are not our only birds but most certainly a treat to see in their natural habitat. Visit for more information about the species of birds found at Kaapsehoop and where to point your binoculars.

Enos is our local birding guide and knowledgeable about the Blue Swallows and other species. Should you wish him to be your guide please contact Rudi Du Plessis on 082 601 5455 or 013 734 4580.

For those happy to travel between 25 minutes and one and a half hours the following fun can be had.
  • Scenic fixed wing or helicopter flights over the Blyde River Canyon
  • Trips into the Kruger National Park – self-drive
  • Open Vehicle trips into the Kruger National Park
  • Elephant back safaris
  • Hot Air Balloon safaris over the Sabie Valley
  • Big Swing and High Wire
  • Aerial Cable Trail
  • White water rafting
  • Panorama Tours (Gods Window, Pilgrims Rest, The Three Roundavels, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls, Bridal Falls and the Blyde River Canyon which is the third biggest and the greenest in the world).
  • Sudwala Caves and Dinosaur Park
  • Golf
  • Reptile Park
  • Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden

There are around 200 feral horses in Kaapsehoop ranging from bachelor herds to larger more structured heards. The horses are very much a part of Kaapsehoop and indeed may even be a reason to visit this pictourisk little village which has in recent years become one of the sought after holiday destinations in South Africa.

Not all of the wild horses are shy and are often seen frequenting the town where they graze on the open squares and the villages prideded blooms. While hiking or doing a horse ride you are also sure to see them frolicking on the plaines.

Please drive with care when approaching the village and within the village itself as the horses like to stand in the road and are difficult to see especially through the mist.

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